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Top 20 Hardcore Albums in History: Complete List. Thursday, Here are the 20 best albums of the Relationship of Command was the north star for post-hardcore

Post-hardcore is a punk rock music genre that derives from hardcore punk, maintaining hardcore’s aggression and intensity, but emphasizes a greater degree

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Find Post-Hardcore Albums, Artists and Songs, and Hand-Picked Top Post-Hardcore Music on AllMusic

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Vans Warped Tour, South by So What?!, Soundwave, Bamboozle and many more festivals have been increasingly characterized by the ever-growing post-hardcore genre

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List The New Class of Post-Hardcore: 11 Bands You Need to Know. The genre is having a glory moment, with the new Pierce the Veil album ‘Misadventures’ poised to make

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Although post-hardcore is primarily rooted in post-punk and hardcore punk, the music that created the space for it were groups like Black Flag, The Minutemen, Flipper

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All too often, hardcore bands think that playing hardcore is simply playing as loud and fast as you can, with little thought to style or musical construction at all

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Listen to post-hardcore tracks and watch videos of post-hardcore artists. Top post-hardcore artists: Enter Shikari, Alexisonfire, A Day to Remember, At the Drive-In

This is a list of notable musical artists who have been referred to or have had their music described as post-hardcore

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