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Though every teen is unique, I think protracted cence and narcissism (pervasive in adult culture) represent the most difficult hurdles for godly parents

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Helping to prepare your teen for life after high college is one of the most important tasks you will have as a parent.

Picking a college major is one of the biggest decisions after deciding to go to college that a teen has to make. You can help your teen make their decision with as

This teen’s path to college was different from her friends – she’s doing what she loves while going to college online.

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Jun 30, 2015 ยท Luckily, financial literacy experts have myriad suggestions for teaching your teen about money. Even if you have only a couple of months, they believe you

How to Enroll Your Teen in Community College Classes This Summer Many teens will have to follow the steps students typically take to enroll, such as submitting an

The day your high college senior submits his college application is not just another day. Here are 7 memorable things to say after he pushes “send.”

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Hearing a teen say, “I don’t think I want to go to college,” stirs up sheer panic among many parents. They worry that their won’t ever be able to have a

Finally, your teen has graduated high college, been accepted at a college and is moving to the dorm. If you think that the difficult stuff is over, well, think again!

Experts agree that the signs pointing to a lack of college readiness are almost always evident in high college. Do you know if your teen is prepared?

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